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Blogging through the Alphabet – O November 6, 2013

O is for Out of time

Seriously. I feel like as a mom with small kids that I spend my whole life taking care of one kids need and then next kids needs and then my husbands needs….I struggle with feeling like I’m all out of time for myself. Does anyone else feel that way? Well your not alone…I’m right there with ya sister…I as a mom I want to provide everything for my kids and my husband….I want them to have all their needs met. But getting from one meal to the next I don’t feel like I get to think…I feel like for me I’m completely out of time…so I’ve tried to find some time for me in all the craziness that I call my life…

usually I make sure to take some time for myself when my boys are napping and currently my 3 year old taking a nap is a hit or miss but none the less I still try and read a book or watch a little tv or take a nap myself.

I also take a hot bath sometimes after my kids go to bed to just be alone…because any mom knows that you don’t get to go the bathroom by yourself anymore…

And lastly on my hubby’s day off he watches the kids for the afternoon so that I can do whatever I would like to do (isn’t he a sweetheart!).

How do you give yourself a little bit of time?

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Blogging through the Alphabet – L September 29, 2013

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L is for Late

My post is late because we have been celebrating my hubby’s birthday over here and well I wanted to share some of his gifts with you but if I posted on time then him receiving his gifts might be a little bit of a let down since I know he reads my blog. So there you go 🙂 now onto the birthday events and gifts….

We have shared a lot of laughter since I’ve know him and we just celebrated his birthday. My hubby turns 30 today. I wanted to share a few of the things we did for his birthday and are still planning to do 🙂

On Friday we celebrated his birthday with friends and family here and this was his invite for the party.


I even got a pic of my 3 boys right before the party…


Aren’t they cute!?

Part of Marc’s gift was this state art I made for him to put up in his office…


I’m pretty sure he is really excited about it 🙂

And then lastly for his big 3-0 I’ve compiled 30 memories for him to get all throughout today (because today is his actual birthday)

Yes I know the first one on the pile is 3 that is because he already has gotten the first 2 memories

So there you go. This is how we celebrated (and are still celebrating) my hubby’s birthday.

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Truthes in a Diaper Bag August 26, 2010

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As I was going through my son’s diaper bag the other day trying to find something I realized my life right now kinda looks like his diaper bag.  Let me explain.  Reece’s diaper bag is a disaster at the moment because I’ve just been throwing things in it that we will need when we are not home.  If you know me I can be an organized person and since before Reece was born all of his things were organized and all in their proper places.  His diaper bag looks like something exploded inside of it.  My life right now kinda feels like that.  Just to find time to get a shower or do the dishes has been challenging.  It’s funny to think about it but since my son has arrived I haven’t done much.  I get a load of laundry done here and there and sometimes I get the dishes washed but seldom does it happen in the same day.  There are things all over my house that need to be cleaned up and I’m slowly getting things put away or cleaned off but its a process.  I think it’s kind of like my spiritual life.  God is taking me in this state of dishevelled mess and changing me one thing at a time into who he wants me to be.  He is shaping my life and my future so that I will be able to shine for him.  I know there will be days when I will mess things up but by God’s grace He will help me clean up the messes that I make.  Funny how looking through my son’s diaper bag can bring to mind other things.   Here is a picture of Reece’s Diaper Bag just to give you an idea of what it looks like.


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