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Blogging through the Alphabet – R January 12, 2014

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R is for Romance

Ok everyone has got to have a little romance. Especially if you are a mama like me with to littles running around. There are a few things that we do to keep the romance alive.

1st we always kiss good morning and goodnight it may sound silly but some days are so crazy that may be the only contact we have all day. Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels like some days are so crazy that you forget sometimes to give your hubby a kiss or tell him that you love him.

2nd we plan a date night every week. Now we don’t go out every week but we do designate a night to be together and talk or watch a movie or sometimes have a late quiet dinner. Or go out and get some coffee (decaf so we get some sleep even though we are staying up later then 9pm lol).

3rd we do couch time. Now this may not sound super romantic but it is for our kids…couch time if you’ve never heard of it, it is the time that when my hubby gets off of work and spends time talking with me before he goes and plays with the boys…this shows our kids that we are on the same page and that we love each other enough to take time to catch each other up on what has gone on during the day.

4th we have a big mirror in our room and we write each other notes on it just because 🙂

5th we tell each other that we love (for me) and respect (for him) each other. Because well we do. 🙂

What are some ways you keep the romance alive in your relationship?


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Blogging through the Alphabet – O November 6, 2013

O is for Out of time

Seriously. I feel like as a mom with small kids that I spend my whole life taking care of one kids need and then next kids needs and then my husbands needs….I struggle with feeling like I’m all out of time for myself. Does anyone else feel that way? Well your not alone…I’m right there with ya sister…I as a mom I want to provide everything for my kids and my husband….I want them to have all their needs met. But getting from one meal to the next I don’t feel like I get to think…I feel like for me I’m completely out of time…so I’ve tried to find some time for me in all the craziness that I call my life…

usually I make sure to take some time for myself when my boys are napping and currently my 3 year old taking a nap is a hit or miss but none the less I still try and read a book or watch a little tv or take a nap myself.

I also take a hot bath sometimes after my kids go to bed to just be alone…because any mom knows that you don’t get to go the bathroom by yourself anymore…

And lastly on my hubby’s day off he watches the kids for the afternoon so that I can do whatever I would like to do (isn’t he a sweetheart!).

How do you give yourself a little bit of time?

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Blogging through the Alphabet – N October 22, 2013

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N is for Night time

I don’t know about you but for us, having a set routine at night helps my boys calm down and slow down and be ready for bed…we have followed babywise with both my boys and have found it to be very helpful and in there it talks about having a bedtime routine to do with your kids. Our night time routine varies a little for each boy but for the most part it goes like this:

Brush teeth
Bible story
Hugs and kisses

This is pretty much what we do with our boys every night. And they are so set in their routine that the min we start it they start to yawn and they start rubbing their eyes.

It’s funny how something so simple as having the same routine makes our night that much easier.

Do you have a nightly routine that you do with your kids? What does it look like for you? If not you might consider trying it and see if it helps your kids wind down and mentally get ready for bed.

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Blogging through the Alphabet – K September 18, 2013

K is for Kids in the Kitchen

I really enjoy cooking but I’ve come to enjoy it even more now that my son comes to help me in the Kitchen. He loves to help me measure things for mixing up doughs or desserts. He also loves washing the veggies and then putting them into a bowl after I cut them up. Reece is my big helper in the kitchen. Do you have a kid that loves to help you in the kitchen?

Here are a few tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way…

1. Don’t worry too much about the mess – Reece always gets flour all over or when he is washing veggies for me he gets water everywhere it’s just part of having a kid help you…


2. Prepare all your ingredients before hand – I try and at least have everything we will need set out so that I don’t have to leave Reece with the huge temptation to play in the mixed items or measure anything extra into the bowl 🙂

3. Let them be kids (Reece is never in it to get it done and move on to the next thing but rather to enjoy what he is doing then and there)


4. Teach them along the way (counting how many scoops they just put in and how many ingredients you used)

5. Let them taste the finished product (Reece always loves to eat whatever he has made)

Do you have any other tips on kids helping in the kitchen?

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Blogging through the Alphabet – H August 22, 2013

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H is for Home

Home is not a building for me and after what has happened a couple of days ago this was reaffirmed for me. On Monday morning we woke up to lots and lots of rain so much rain that we were scared our house was going to flood and the forecast said we were going to get even more and that many houses had already flooded. It was around this time last year that our house flooded because of all the rain that had come through.

We pretty much were trapped in our house for 3 days and thankfully I had gone to the store recently so we had food and a crockpot to cook food in :). We made it through but I never wanted to do that again. So this year when the possibility of our house flooding happened again we moved all of our things upstairs and it our appliances up on tires and left the house for my moms house which is on higher ground.

After we went through all that I was reminded that my home isn’t my things or the house I live in but the people I share it with. My boys and my husband make up my home and it doesn’t matter where or how we live but that we remember its not all about the things that fill the house we live in but the people that we share it with.

I’m hoping it doesn’t take something as drastic as my house almost flooding again to remind me of that.

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our house did not get flooded this time but the waters did come about 1/2 way up our driveway.


My new work space! August 21, 2011

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Welcome to my new work space 🙂  I’m hoping that now that I have a dedicated space to sew and craft and even do our financial reports that I will be able to blog more and share more with y’all. 🙂 please dont look too close as my space is sparce and messy at the moment but it will get better 🙂 

So one of my first projects was to recover our lovely window seat in our family room as it was no where near ever going to match our style in our family room… so i started out by measuring this awesomely huge thing and then cutting my fabric to match  🙂  like this:

then I sewed it together and put the old seat inside and returned it…here is the before and after 🙂

Before:                                                                                                                                                      After:

I also made some matching pillows from some of our old unwanted pillows 🙂  ok i really took out the guts of the pillow and restuffed it into the new pillow case I made 🙂  I’m actually pretty proud of myself because I did this all in one night and all the night before my birthday party where my whole family was coming over to our new house 🙂

So there you have it only a small task I tackled these last few weeks as we have been moving into our new place and getting settled…

I’ll be back soon 🙂


Truthes in a Diaper Bag August 26, 2010

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As I was going through my son’s diaper bag the other day trying to find something I realized my life right now kinda looks like his diaper bag.  Let me explain.  Reece’s diaper bag is a disaster at the moment because I’ve just been throwing things in it that we will need when we are not home.  If you know me I can be an organized person and since before Reece was born all of his things were organized and all in their proper places.  His diaper bag looks like something exploded inside of it.  My life right now kinda feels like that.  Just to find time to get a shower or do the dishes has been challenging.  It’s funny to think about it but since my son has arrived I haven’t done much.  I get a load of laundry done here and there and sometimes I get the dishes washed but seldom does it happen in the same day.  There are things all over my house that need to be cleaned up and I’m slowly getting things put away or cleaned off but its a process.  I think it’s kind of like my spiritual life.  God is taking me in this state of dishevelled mess and changing me one thing at a time into who he wants me to be.  He is shaping my life and my future so that I will be able to shine for him.  I know there will be days when I will mess things up but by God’s grace He will help me clean up the messes that I make.  Funny how looking through my son’s diaper bag can bring to mind other things.   Here is a picture of Reece’s Diaper Bag just to give you an idea of what it looks like.


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