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Blogging through the Alphabet – N October 22, 2013

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N is for Night time

I don’t know about you but for us, having a set routine at night helps my boys calm down and slow down and be ready for bed…we have followed babywise with both my boys and have found it to be very helpful and in there it talks about having a bedtime routine to do with your kids. Our night time routine varies a little for each boy but for the most part it goes like this:

Brush teeth
Bible story
Hugs and kisses

This is pretty much what we do with our boys every night. And they are so set in their routine that the min we start it they start to yawn and they start rubbing their eyes.

It’s funny how something so simple as having the same routine makes our night that much easier.

Do you have a nightly routine that you do with your kids? What does it look like for you? If not you might consider trying it and see if it helps your kids wind down and mentally get ready for bed.

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My Fabric High Chair! August 26, 2013

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This is one of my most read posts so I thought I would re-post it…so here you go the Fabric Highchair…I’ve also found this useful for shopping carts, it helps my almost sitter to sit up in the cart or even a new sitter to keep his balance while you roll him around in the cart…

Yesterday I started on my notion that I could make a fabric high chair even though this would have only been my like 5th time using my sewing machine that I got for Christmas. So I took some photos as I was making this high chair. Here is how I started, well not really I went online and found a pattern and then I went to Hobby Lobby (which I love by the way) and bought some fabric and batting (fyi I just started sewing 2 weeks ago so I still have to build up my supplies). So after that I cut out my pieces of fabric and batting.

Then I sewed them together and turned them right side out 🙂

I then sewed all the parts together and started to add the velcro when my sewing machine (which is not really made for big projects) started to give me trouble. I have a crafting sewing machine not a real one.

As you can see I only have one piece of velcro attached completely before my little sewing machine gave out on me (you can see it in the corner). So I called up my mother in law who so graciously let me come to her house and use her sewing machine to finish my project.

Then I had to test it out on the little one 🙂

I think he likes it. And it will come in handy for our upcoming travel, also way better then trying to take his bumbo everywhere. I’m super excited that I got it made. Let me know what you think… I got my pattern from this site:

If you have any questions or comments let me know and if you have any other ideas of things I should try and make let me know I would love to hear your ideas!


Blogging through the Alphabet – G August 8, 2013

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G is for Grass

Yes you heard me right. We don’t have lots of grass here at our house in Manila so any chance my kids get to run and play in grass they are all for it…so here are a few pics of Levi discovering the grass…I couldn’t get Reece because he was running around too much… Lol







Well there you go Levi seemed to enjoy the grass 🙂


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Christmas Traditions? December 18, 2010

This year with a new member of our family involoved in all of the holiday festivities my husband and I have been discussing what kind of traditions we want to have for our family.  We have come from different homes with different holiday traditions, like my family opens all of our gifts on Christmas Eve while my husbands family opens all of theirs on Christmas Day.  We have talking through what will be our traditions for our family.  It is interesting finding the balance that we need for our family.  I am sure of one thing I am enjoying deciding what our traditions will be and having my own family.  I never imagined all these fun things I would get to do when I said “I do”.  Our little son Reece is 5 months old today and I am so excited for all the experiences he will have including Christmas time.  This year he wont be able to understand what is going on, except that he is with Mommy and Daddy and for him right now that is the best part of his day, but one day he will understand why we celebrate Christmas and he will be able to enjoy all the gifts that have his name on them. 🙂  What are your holiday traditions?  I would love to know.


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