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Blogging through the Alphabet – P November 16, 2013

P is for Pity Party

I have a tendency to throw myself a regular ok maybe daily pity party….anyone with me? When my kids are pushing all my buttons and I can’t take it anymore I start the party…I usually start out with something like if my kids would only obey…if they would just mind their own business (like not getting up in the other brothers face or knocking him over)….then I get into nap time and oh my goodness they yell and scream in their beds and I can’t even remember how many times my 3 year old has gotten out of his bed or peed in it durning one nap time….it could drive a woman to insanity….I tell myself other peoples kids act better then this why did I get the crazy and non listening kids…then it hits me…I don’t need to throw myself a party and need to come back to reality that everyone’s kids do this or at least do something (and if your kid is an angel I don’t wanna hear about it lol).
My kids have a natural sin nature. So instead of getting upset with them I have to realize that I need to teach them the proper way to play or treat their sibling/friend/cousin. It’s my job as the parent to live out Christ’s love to them and teach and train them up in a way that honors God. It’s not my job to pout about why everything is going wrong I need to leave that to God to handle and do my best with what I’ve been given…now I’m not saying that I’m never gonna have another pity party but I’m going to work hard at seeing the positive and making the best out of every situation….so if you see me or hear me having a pity party just remind me (gently) that I need to get off my butt and get back to life.

What about you? Do you have regular pity parties?


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Blogging through the Alphabet – O November 6, 2013

O is for Out of time

Seriously. I feel like as a mom with small kids that I spend my whole life taking care of one kids need and then next kids needs and then my husbands needs….I struggle with feeling like I’m all out of time for myself. Does anyone else feel that way? Well your not alone…I’m right there with ya sister…I as a mom I want to provide everything for my kids and my husband….I want them to have all their needs met. But getting from one meal to the next I don’t feel like I get to think…I feel like for me I’m completely out of time…so I’ve tried to find some time for me in all the craziness that I call my life…

usually I make sure to take some time for myself when my boys are napping and currently my 3 year old taking a nap is a hit or miss but none the less I still try and read a book or watch a little tv or take a nap myself.

I also take a hot bath sometimes after my kids go to bed to just be alone…because any mom knows that you don’t get to go the bathroom by yourself anymore…

And lastly on my hubby’s day off he watches the kids for the afternoon so that I can do whatever I would like to do (isn’t he a sweetheart!).

How do you give yourself a little bit of time?

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Philippine style trunk or treat October 27, 2013

We went to a trunk or treat here in Manila hosted by a moms of preschoolers group. It was lots of fun and our little Reece loved being woody :). So here are a few pictures to let you see how it went….





We decorated our trunk as the zoo. It was super simple and looked pretty cute and I didn’t have to buy anything (thank you Pinterest). There were maybe 15-20 cars and around 50 kids. Over here in the Philippines Halloween isn’t such a big deal as in the states but it is starting to get more popular. Like our subdivision we live in here is hosting a Halloween party for the kids in the neighborhood and then the kids can go trick or treating afterwards so I’m planning to take the boys to that also.

So there you go that is how we do Halloween over here…not too different from back home in the states…

What did your kids dress up as?
Did you go to a trunk or treat? How did you decorate your car?



Blogging through the Alphabet – N October 22, 2013

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N is for Night time

I don’t know about you but for us, having a set routine at night helps my boys calm down and slow down and be ready for bed…we have followed babywise with both my boys and have found it to be very helpful and in there it talks about having a bedtime routine to do with your kids. Our night time routine varies a little for each boy but for the most part it goes like this:

Brush teeth
Bible story
Hugs and kisses

This is pretty much what we do with our boys every night. And they are so set in their routine that the min we start it they start to yawn and they start rubbing their eyes.

It’s funny how something so simple as having the same routine makes our night that much easier.

Do you have a nightly routine that you do with your kids? What does it look like for you? If not you might consider trying it and see if it helps your kids wind down and mentally get ready for bed.

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Blogging through the Alphabet – K September 18, 2013

K is for Kids in the Kitchen

I really enjoy cooking but I’ve come to enjoy it even more now that my son comes to help me in the Kitchen. He loves to help me measure things for mixing up doughs or desserts. He also loves washing the veggies and then putting them into a bowl after I cut them up. Reece is my big helper in the kitchen. Do you have a kid that loves to help you in the kitchen?

Here are a few tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way…

1. Don’t worry too much about the mess – Reece always gets flour all over or when he is washing veggies for me he gets water everywhere it’s just part of having a kid help you…


2. Prepare all your ingredients before hand – I try and at least have everything we will need set out so that I don’t have to leave Reece with the huge temptation to play in the mixed items or measure anything extra into the bowl 🙂

3. Let them be kids (Reece is never in it to get it done and move on to the next thing but rather to enjoy what he is doing then and there)


4. Teach them along the way (counting how many scoops they just put in and how many ingredients you used)

5. Let them taste the finished product (Reece always loves to eat whatever he has made)

Do you have any other tips on kids helping in the kitchen?

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My Fabric High Chair! August 26, 2013

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This is one of my most read posts so I thought I would re-post it…so here you go the Fabric Highchair…I’ve also found this useful for shopping carts, it helps my almost sitter to sit up in the cart or even a new sitter to keep his balance while you roll him around in the cart…

Yesterday I started on my notion that I could make a fabric high chair even though this would have only been my like 5th time using my sewing machine that I got for Christmas. So I took some photos as I was making this high chair. Here is how I started, well not really I went online and found a pattern and then I went to Hobby Lobby (which I love by the way) and bought some fabric and batting (fyi I just started sewing 2 weeks ago so I still have to build up my supplies). So after that I cut out my pieces of fabric and batting.

Then I sewed them together and turned them right side out 🙂

I then sewed all the parts together and started to add the velcro when my sewing machine (which is not really made for big projects) started to give me trouble. I have a crafting sewing machine not a real one.

As you can see I only have one piece of velcro attached completely before my little sewing machine gave out on me (you can see it in the corner). So I called up my mother in law who so graciously let me come to her house and use her sewing machine to finish my project.

Then I had to test it out on the little one 🙂

I think he likes it. And it will come in handy for our upcoming travel, also way better then trying to take his bumbo everywhere. I’m super excited that I got it made. Let me know what you think… I got my pattern from this site:

If you have any questions or comments let me know and if you have any other ideas of things I should try and make let me know I would love to hear your ideas!


Blogging through the Alphabet – B July 4, 2013

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B is for Boys!

I would like to introduce you to my boys!

I have two boys and they are so full of energy! At almost three my Reece is bursting at the seams with energy. I struggle at times finding things that will burn up energy for him. He is always on the move! He is always talking and if he isn’t talking he is making some kind of noise….as a girl I don’t think I completely grasp the need for a boy to be so active but I’m thankful for my boys…Reece loves to read. He loves the cars movie! Currently his favorite thing to pretend to be is a pizza delivery guy which goes with the fact that he loves pizza! Lol. He also wants to know why about everything 🙂 which is good but can also drive a momma to insanity lol…

Levi my youngest is crawling all over the place and at a pretty fast pace right now. He pulls up on everything and he thinks he has to taste everything (which includes my toes at this exact moment lol). He loves to laugh and smile. He loves to play with whatever Reece is playing with (which drives Reece crazy lol). Levi loves to eat. I can hardly get one bite in my mouth before he is asking for more food because he ate ever last piece off his tray that I put there lol. Levi is 10 months old and is keeping me on my toes.

And the other boy in my house who is actually the man of our house is my hubby Marc. He is the love of my life! We are celebrating our 4 year anniversary in just a couple of days and honestly it feels like we should be celebrating 10 or 12 years. We have been through a lot of life changes in our 4 years of being married. Marc is an accomplished magician. He uses his magic skills now to train magicians how to perform gospel magic (which is sharing the gospel through magic tricks). Marc and I are planting a church in a city here in manila and he works hard every day at reaching people with the gospel. Marc is also an amazing father to our two boys and I love to hear them all laughing together.

There is lots more i could say about my hubby but I don’t want to keep you all day…but you can go check out his blog at

Ok so there you go. Hope you have a great week and see ya for letter C!

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