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Blogging through the Alphabet – J September 11, 2013

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J is for July

Ha I know what you are thinking its already September and you are talking about July. Really I’m going to tell you about my sons 3rd birthday party that we did. I wanted to share with you some of the simple things we did and most of it I got pictures of but some of it a i missed because well I was just enjoying the party :). So here is how it happened….

We had a cars themed party for him since he loves cars…

So I went with a simple cake since my decorating isn’t that spectacular 🙂


I made some box cars for the kids to race with at the World Grand Prix (around my dining room table)



I think they really enjoyed this part considering they didn’t do much else but race

We also had radiator spring


We had Luigi’s tire toss (which really was a hit at all lol)


And then we had Ramone’s body art which was some little tattoos that the kids could pick from…(which I don’t have pictures of)

And all the decor…



So there you have it our simple version of a cars party 🙂

On his actual birthday we took him to the aquarium which he loved seeing all the fish 🙂


And of course we had to get a birthday picture


How do you do parties?

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One Response to “Blogging through the Alphabet – J”

  1. Sarita Says:

    This was cute! I did a car cake one time! The kids loved it!

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