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Blogging through the Alphabet – E July 24, 2013

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E is for Entertainment

What we do as a family for entertainment may not be what you do but I’m going to explain some of what we do and why and you can decide what you want to do.

We have two small kids. Who I introduced in my B post (B is for boys). We (Marc and I) have thought a lot about entertainment and how we choose what we watch and listen to around our kids. My 3 year old son only has to hear something once and he could repeat it back to you word for word. That is a little scary if you think about it. So lets get right into it.

TV Shows
We actually don’t have cable. We have a thing called Slingbox that we watch tv from the states (South Carolina to be exact). But really we don’t watch too much tv. But when we do we choose not to watch shows that use any words that we don’t approve of. Of course the obvious is swear words or the like but also words that sound similar to them like crap, shoot, dang, dang it, and suck. Now I know these are not all but these are just some that I don’t want my kids to use. So pretty much if we are watching a show and one of those words come out we turn it off. Yup that’s right even in the middle of my favorite shows and we turn it off. We choose not to expose our kids to this because we don’t want those words as part of their vocabulary.

We choose our movies that we watch, even ones that just my husband and I go to, by the rating it gets on a website called we decide if we want to see a movie pretty much by this website. This is a great website because it lays out all the content for you to see what is in the movie.

Ok so you may be thinking wow these parents are really strict. But I honestly think kids get too much info sometimes including language that even adults shouldn’t use. As a Christian we should be a reflection of Christ. I think to myself would Christ talk like this if he were here? I know it’s kinda an old saying but really “What Would Jesus Do?” I want my kids to see and hear the love of Christ from me and if I am watching things that have foul language in it or dirty jokes how is that sharing Christ with my kids.

We choose to play games and yes we do watch some tv for our entertainment but we don’t let that be the main form of entertainment. I feel like in our day and age kids aren’t the same as they used to be because they don’t play outside or play with toys like they used to. With all the gameboys or whatever they are now kids are so focused on those things rather then being kids. They sit for hours playing video games. I’m not a fan if you can’t tell and I do limit my kids time in front of a screen.

Ok so maybe this was a little all over the place but I hope it makes some sense.

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