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Blogging through the Alphabet – C July 10, 2013

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C is for Celebrate!

Monday, July 8, Marc and I celebrated 4 years of marriage! Yes I know many people say this is still the honeymoon stage but I think we have done great for all that we have been through already. Let me recap a little of what the last 4 years have looked like for us…

We got married here in Manila, July 8, 2009, on a beautiful afternoon…






We then went on our honeymoon and came back to spend a little time with my family before I moved to the states with my new hubby…

We move in with Marc’s parents and started what we as missionaries call deputation (visiting churches to raise support so we can move to Manila as missionaries). We then started to travel around the entire USA and visit churches to raise support. We found out we were expecting after being married for 3 months. (Yes this was a surprise for us as we were planning to wait a little while before having kids but you can’t argue with God’s plan). We had Reece our first son 10 days after our 1st anniversary 🙂 (needless to say I was hugely pregnant on our first anniversary lol).


We continued to travel with our little family and finally we were ready to move to the Philippines in June 2011. We shipped all our belongings and packed all our clothes and moved across the ocean to a new home. After being in the Philippines for almost 6 months we decided to try and have another kid. Well 9 months later we welcomed our second boy Levi.


While I was pregnant with Levi our house flooded and we were pretty much stranded on our second floor for a couple of days. (I hope we never have to deal with another flood again).

So to bring you back to the present day we have two boys (Reece who is almost 3 and Levi who is 10 months). We’ve moved across an ocean with all of our belongings and we have lived through our house being flooded. There are lots of other little details that have also happened along the road but these are some of the major life changes for us.
Now, I know we haven’t been married a long long time but, there are a few things that have definitely helped us along the way.

First we have both strived to keep our personal relationships with God strong. Also, we have always tried to put God first in our marriage.
Second we have read a few books along the way that I would highly suggest for your marriage even if you are doing good there is never anything wrong with trying to do better…so here we go…

1. The Bible – you can’t go wrong if you do marriage God’s way.

2. Love and Respect – We read this book before we got married and it helped us understand each other so well. We have committed to read it once a year every year.

3. His Needs, Her Needs – We also read this book before we got married and it like Love and Respect helped us see each other in a different light and helped us understand where the other person was coming from.

So there you go!

See ya next week for letter D.

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  1. Congrats on your anniversary!

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