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Blogging through the Alphabet – B July 4, 2013

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B is for Boys!

I would like to introduce you to my boys!

I have two boys and they are so full of energy! At almost three my Reece is bursting at the seams with energy. I struggle at times finding things that will burn up energy for him. He is always on the move! He is always talking and if he isn’t talking he is making some kind of noise….as a girl I don’t think I completely grasp the need for a boy to be so active but I’m thankful for my boys…Reece loves to read. He loves the cars movie! Currently his favorite thing to pretend to be is a pizza delivery guy which goes with the fact that he loves pizza! Lol. He also wants to know why about everything 🙂 which is good but can also drive a momma to insanity lol…

Levi my youngest is crawling all over the place and at a pretty fast pace right now. He pulls up on everything and he thinks he has to taste everything (which includes my toes at this exact moment lol). He loves to laugh and smile. He loves to play with whatever Reece is playing with (which drives Reece crazy lol). Levi loves to eat. I can hardly get one bite in my mouth before he is asking for more food because he ate ever last piece off his tray that I put there lol. Levi is 10 months old and is keeping me on my toes.

And the other boy in my house who is actually the man of our house is my hubby Marc. He is the love of my life! We are celebrating our 4 year anniversary in just a couple of days and honestly it feels like we should be celebrating 10 or 12 years. We have been through a lot of life changes in our 4 years of being married. Marc is an accomplished magician. He uses his magic skills now to train magicians how to perform gospel magic (which is sharing the gospel through magic tricks). Marc and I are planting a church in a city here in manila and he works hard every day at reaching people with the gospel. Marc is also an amazing father to our two boys and I love to hear them all laughing together.

There is lots more i could say about my hubby but I don’t want to keep you all day…but you can go check out his blog at

Ok so there you go. Hope you have a great week and see ya for letter C!

Also go check out these other blogs that I’m teaming up with to blog through the Alphabet! They are really great!


2 Responses to “Blogging through the Alphabet – B”

  1. Sarita Says:

    Manilla? Cool! Great to get to know your boys! Glad we could hook up on this blogging journey!

  2. Boys are so much fun. God only saw fit to give me one boy before he gave me the 4 girls. The Boy is SO much different from the girls – much easier to raise than the girls (at least I think so).

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