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Family heirlooms April 27, 2013

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I’ve been helping my mom go through her basement these last few days and we have found quite a few family heirlooms that were “lost” somewhere in the house. It was cool to find those and see them and listen to my mom tell me about who used to own them. Like this huge trunk


that I’m pretty sure came over on a boat with my grandparents when then came to the mission field. (Yes on a boat like they were all on the boat together not just sent over on a boat and we will catch ya on the flip side I’m flying kind of deal.). Crazy cool huh! Anyways the more I thought about it the more I think of how our Christian faith should be the same way for us in the sense that its something that we cherish and keep and remember and take care of so that our kids and grand kids can see it. You know that kind of china that you want to give to your daughter that your mother gave to you or the antique dresser that came over on the mayflower 🙂 these are things we cherish and want to share with the next generation and the generations after them things that your kids will keep when you pass away. I want my Christian life to be like that. Something I can share with my children who will share it with their children and so on. You see what I’m getting at? It’s something you want your kids to want more then the family heirlooms that relationship with Jesus that way you will be together in heaven one day. That’s what I really want to share with my children!
Just a thought. I know I need to work on that part of my life not just share with my kids good manners but the true reason we are alive.



2 Responses to “Family heirlooms”

  1. Charity Says:

    Oh my goodness! We have a chest just like this. It was in our basement when I was growing up and we used it as a toy box (no cares for safety back then I guess, as the top could have easily fallen and strangled me 🙂 My mom was clearing out stuff one day and came across our chest. Ours was a military storage locker. Looked just the same though. I think it was my great grandfathers. Or even my mom’s great grandfather’s. Anyway, she had no more room for it. The memories I had of this chest in our basement made me just have to keep it. I have since sanded and painted it and have it placed in one of my girls’ bedrooms. I use to to store all of the things that I want to keep for my kids – outfits from China, Chinese gifts, African attire, first outfits, the outfits that I received my adopted girls in…. Hopefully it will be a treasure for them someday. If not, that’s fine too!

    • jbuxton Says:

      My mom has all sorts of treasures from our childhood and her and my dads as well stored in there. I hope to keep it in the family when the time comes that my mom wants to get rid of it.

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