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A new to me buffet April 23, 2013

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Hi all yes I just got a new dresser which I am turning into a buffet. Here is a kind of picture of the before if you can look past the cuteness of my Levi in the right corner you will see my new dresser buffet. Well it’s new to me but was well loved by the looks of it and a clean slate I might add. No hardware and just primed white.


This was the teaser I gave of what I was up to during nap time. Do you remember? I’m sure you were curious…


Well my husband started by filling the old holes where the hardware was so we could put any kind of hardware we wanted on there. Now over here finding hardware that is the exact same width as the last hardware can be a pain so for us it was way easier to start fresh.
Then I pulled out all the drawers (as a side note it would be wise if you plan on doing something like this to number your drawers so you don’t forget where they go…that was an hour long ordeal when we got to putting the drawers back in) and sanded a little then started to paint.


5 coats of paint later and with new hardware this is what our buffet looked like


Now you may be wondering why the top is still white…well my hubby and I decided this buffet need a little kick so we decided to paint the top a different color…so here is the finished project…we painted the top black. I think eventually we will put a piece of glass on top but for now this will have to do.


What do you think? I’m in love! And I’m trying to decide what to put on top of it. Any thoughts?

Thanks for reading


2 Responses to “A new to me buffet”

  1. Mel barlow Says:

    Where did you find the buffet?

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