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The Hardest Job I will Ever Have April 21, 2013

Filed under: Family,Life Experiences,Motherhood,Spiritual Truthes — jbuxton @ 9:18 pm

Being a mom is the toughest job I’ve ever had! I feel like I’m failing every day. I wonder if that is how God feels with us. Always correcting and some praise only to turn right back around and correct us again.
I sound like a broken record. “What did mommy say? That’s right No No.” All day long everyday. Training kids is no walk in the park. It’s always challenging me, pushing me to the edge, and testing ever last ounce of patience I have in my body.
It’s hard work. A mix of manual labor and mind bending work all in one. At the end of the day I’m dying for adult conversation. I told my husband some days I would kill to sit at a desk and do paper work for hours on end. Lol.
I’ve traded in getting my nails done to maintaining two little boys nails. I try my best to brush my teeth and get a shower much less get makeup on for stinky, sweaty, and slimy boys that I try to keep semi clean. I’ve traded an office for a play room and painful high heals for the pains of stepping on hot wheels and Legos.
This is my life. The one I signed up for. One I’ve looked forward to since I was young. Being a mom is the best job I could ever have. Ya it’s tough it is so worth all the crazy to be able to know that I get to be called Mom! Yes it’s true some days I would trade it for anything without even stopping to think about it, but most days I wouldn’t even consider trading it for anything. Not even a million dollars and a never ending shopping budget.
I choose to be mom and I plan on never giving up. I know that God choose me and will never give up on me so as a living example that I try to be to my sons I will mirror God’s love for me to my kids.



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