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It’s been awhile… April 19, 2013

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Well hello,
It has been awhile and a lot has changed since I last posted.
Lets see… We added to our family with another baby boy. Matthew Levi Buxton arrived 3 weeks before his due date on September 1st of 2012. Yes that means he is almost 8 months old. 🙂 crazy! Reece will be turn 3 in just 3 short months. We are enjoying our family of 4 and even just the different personalities that our developing under our roof. Here is a picture of my family.


Our life here in ministry is going well. We are working on planting a church in Marikina here in the big city of Metro Manila. I am trying to find a balance of family and ministry. I feel that my first ministry is to my family (my husband and my two boys) then it’s to the church planting ministry.

As far as living overseas we are doing pretty well. I always struggle with all the staring that people do at my blonde hair blue eyed toddler and my mini Michelin man (Levi). I realize that they look different but I guess it’s hard when people are point and staring at your kids. I really am not a fan of taking them to the mall or the grocery store because of all the staring that happens. It makes me feel uncomfortable and Reece and I have to go back and forth about why “those people are pointing at me” and how it’s not really nice to point but they just aren’t used to seeing kids like him.

Well for now I’ll leave you with that. My goal is to post more regularly as I’m starting to get the hang of this two kid thing. And to share some of our latest projects around the house.

Talk to ya soon



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