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The big move… July 22, 2011

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We officially pack all of our things on a container and sent it off with all of our worldly possessions to be shipped to Manila about 7 weeks ago.  We then flew from our home town Florence to Manila to start working as missionaries over seas.  (this is us at the airport leaving for Manila)  Now moving from one house to another in the same town can be a hassle and moving from one state to the next can be a really big hassle so imagine moving half way around the world.  It has been interesting so far but God has blessed us so much already.  We were able to sign a contract to rent a house within 2 weeks of being on the ground here.  And we got word that our container is here in the country and on the docks and was released today.  We are so excited to set up our house and get settled in to our new home.  I’m hoping to be able to show pictures of the before and after of our house 🙂  and maybe show off some of my diy ideas and steals that I find around Manila.  🙂  hope you enjoy…I’m still a horrible blogger as I don’t even post on a weekly basis but my hope is that as things settle down I will have more time to blog…. here is our most recent family picture from my son’s 1st birthday party…I made his shirt by the way and no i dont have any pictures….bummer i know…

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