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Our Recent Travels April 9, 2011

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I am hoping to get better at this whole blogging thing….We have been on the road these last few months visiting churches so keeping a normal schedule was a little hard.  But speaking of being on the road for the last few months we have been with a whole lot of great churches and have enjoyed our time at every destination.  Reece has travelled so well and what a huge blessing that was, looking back I think if Reece didn’t travel well we (Reece and I) probably would have stayed home a lot.  Reece did get tired of traveling sometimes and so getting to a stopping point always made him happy like this time….

There were also some other great parts about travleing….Reece (and Marc and I) got to see his uncle Jake (my younger brother)….

We also got to introduce Reece to his two Aunts Micah and Alex and I got to hang out with my mom and sisters (whom I love alot)….

(From left to Right: Me, Alex, Micah, and My mom)

Reece also loved playing or rather banging on the tray tables while we were flying lol….

But to be honest I think he is glad to be back home in South Carolina for a little bit where he can enjoy the lovely spring weather…

Well Thanks for reading thats all I have for now….I plan on blogging more now that we are home….Maybe I will get to sew some while we are home and share some of my projects with you.


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