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Book Review: Voices of the Faithful January 20, 2011

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My book review of Voices of the Faithful.  I was very excited to start this daily devotional because it is about the real lives of missionaries and help people see us as normal people.   But I was slightly disappointed when I started to read some of the devotionals.  These stories lacked biblical application since this was supposed to be a devotional and the stories that were told were very vague and lacking much of how the missionaries were normal people.  As a missionary myself, I was hoping that some of these stories would show how these missionaries were normal people before they surrendered for the mission field.  These devotionals seemed to be very simple and not really encouraging others to dig deep into the Word of God to find God’s direction for their lives.  I don’t think I would suggest this devotional to anyone as a missionary or as a Christian.  From my perspective as a missionary I would like people to understand that we are just like other Christians doing God’s will just in another country.  As a Christian I would like a daily devotional to encourage deeper study of the scripture and helpful insight into God’s Word.  When I read the introduction to the this book I was pretty pumped thinking it was going to be great stories of how missionaries are like other Christians doing God’s will and encouraging verses to help me grow in my daily walk.  I’m slightly disappointed because this is a Beth Moore book and all I have ever heard about Beth Moore is that she has great bible studies available.  So my rating of this book would be one star out of five.  BookSneeze® has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.


One Response to “Book Review: Voices of the Faithful”

  1. Vickie Childress Says:

    I agree. The best practical devotional book that I have enjoyed was Keep a quiet Heart by Elisabeth Elliot. Her wrtings stretched your mind along with heart and soul. She came and spoke to us women during our College days. Her reverance for God was Holy. Yet she was very practical.It is a Great read.

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