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Baby Toes December 6, 2010

My little boy is almost 5 months old and I can’t believe that time has gone by this fast.  I have enjoyed every minute with him since he arrived in July.  Although some things have been rough: getting up the in middle of the night for feedings, all the diaper explosions, and the gas that makes him cry.  We have made it through everything so far and I wouldn’t have made it this far without my husband who keeps me grounded.  There are so many things that I adore about my son and so many times I look at him and I’m reminded how God has a plan because if it was my plan I wouldn’t be a mommy yet (don’t take this the wrong way I just wasn’t planning on have a baby till after Marc and I had been married awhile).  But when we found out I was pregnant the only thing I could think was I know God knows what He is doing so I just need to trust Him.  I know there is a reason that Reece was born in July of 2010 and I have learned to trust God’s plan even though I don’t know what it is.  So anyways I am amazed at how much my son looks just like his father.  I was looking at baby pictures of my husband and oh my goodness I, as Reece’s mother, might confuse the pictures if the colors weren’t different.  It’s funny how little things are so similar but one thing that is the same with Marc and Reece, their toes!  Its so cute, they have the same toes.  Reece’s feet are a mini version of his dad’s feet.  I love it.  One thing I prayed for while God was forming my son was that he would look like his daddy because I think his daddy is a very handsome man.  I love those baby toes!  These little toes have just recently been discovered by my son.  He loves them and is always trying to put his toes in his mouth.  It has been amazing to see my son learn about the world that God created and watch him learn about his hands and toes and how to roll over.  He brings so much joy into my life and I’m so thankful to God for bringing this amazing little person into my life.


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  1. Ed Priest Says:


    Thank you so very much for sharing with us about your family and life experiences. Let us know more as to how we can pray for you and your family.

    In His Service

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