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Big Girls Dont Whine (Chapters 1 & 2) June 16, 2010

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I’ve started reading Big Girls Don’t Whine by Jan Silvious  and I’ve been reading it slowly so I can take in as much as possible from the book.  So here are a few of my insights from Chapters 1 & 2

Jan starts the book with talking about God’s love for His girls.  I like to think that God has a soft spot in His heart for His girls just like my dad has a soft spot for me.  I know that if I ever needed anything I could call up my dad and he would take care of it.  Jan says in one part “He [God] doesn’t leave you during the night.  He doesn’t get busy and forget you are here facing challenges.  He is with you!”  What a great reminder that God is with us and that He doesn’t get preoccupied with someone else’s big dilema but that He can be with us and with them all at the same time.   She also talked about our journey that God wants to take us on.  I want to do what God wants me to do on my journey.  I want to be able to accomplish things for God and His kingdom on my journey.  Jan also said near the end of the first chapter, “He [God] longs for all of His creation to be all it can be, and the fulfullment of this vision only comes as we reach full maturity.”   Meaning I need to be maturing as a Christian to reach my full potential.

In Chapter 2 Jan layed out what the characteristics of a Little Girl and a Big Girl are.  As I was reading them I found that I have more little girl traits than big girl traits but knowing that has challenged me to grow up to be a big girl.  One of the last things Jan said in this chapter was, ” Your hapiness and fulfillment is linked to the way that you think.  Emotions are feelings that originate with what you think…Big Girls understand that the first change they must master is to bring their thoughts, emotions, and speech under control.”  What a true statement.  We are the ones who decide how we react to things, no one makes us react in a certain way.  So my first step towards becoming a Big Girl is to get my thoughts, emotions, and speech under control.  I want to be mature in the way that I think and react to the things that are going on around me and in me.


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